PB Geom ideas etc.

Perpetual calendar. Spinning falling toy
...,,)(;: ..

Woodworking: poker table (hexagon)

Tachometer, Fluke thermometer, vintage toys, do nothing machine, wire do nothing motor and switches on bd...,,

Add basic circuit assembly to switch activity / have switch turn on/ off component; demonstrate and describe circuit

Geometry Activity idea: Calculate the diagonal of a rectangular prism. Use cardboard boxes cut apart to check math....,
................................ Calculate the height of liquid in horizontal cylinder for a fraction of the volume, use glass jar measure volume and measure height to compare to calculations.

Circumference: calculate the length of zip tie required to wrap around yellow tile fence protector at baseball field..

3d print items for BPR

5 pound ball dropped 13 feet to test windshields simulate human head hitting it. How big of diameter is it?? 5# = 17.73 cu. in. of steel ... 3.25" 17.97 cu. in.

Project ideas: Mini Digger, Tic Tac Toe container, Marble machine, Davinci machine, Pumkinville pinball,.
Strong-man; hammer hitting, grip strength, arm wrestling strength, other ; twist off bolts/ read torque other.
put together pipe fittings, plan ahead / use unions. ..

Marble mover with motor(s) ... Most worthless machine, switch board with lights etc...,, Wood puzzle like kids made.... Plasma cut Sleigh ... Flipping monkey .... Stadheim's puzzle box .. add LED to do nothing box...

Activity;;; Pythagoreans ... Measure the outside dimensions of sticky note pad, envelope, notepad, other, document them and calculate the diagonal measurement... selection of bolts and nuts; measure head size, OD of male thread and # threads per inch document..

,,,,, . , Measure the outside dimensions of sticky note pad, envelope, notepad, other, document them and calculate the diagonal measurement... ..

If a bank wants _ to pay $215 interest for borrowing $2250 to buy his new car what % is the interest they are charging? ..

activities:, Pneumatic cylinders, Tensile Strength, Torque twist off fasteners, Tension at angles, Electrical systems, electrical switches, wedges, Levers, screw, inclined plane, Balance point, Pulley systems, wheel & axle, etc.

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Water pressure about 55 psi at use points, 100 psi from plant, 2.31 #/Ft=> => 0.4329 multiplier
.... .... . Clark water tower about 130 ft so 56.28 psi ....
depth of column of liquid determines pressure

Calculate the Area and percentage of TV screen when picture does Not fill screen.

calculate the angle of view for an object at two different distances given the width of the object..

How many gallons of water if it rains _ inches

Reflections from mirrors, sound off glass, remote waves off glass, Pool balls off bumper, golf ball off wall, raquetball off wall, radiation, inflections

Area: Placing ceiling lights density / position......

ruler / tapemeasure h'wrk .... reading dial caliper
Perimeter: running track start / end radius
Computer: bits; 8, 16, 32, 64,,,,, 2048
smaller box?
cylinder pressures:
Tensil strength: calculate surface area and find strength add assignment on bolt tension using area.

create assignments for metal tags: draw shape, measure, id material, describe

From movie ... Plane 6000mph at 300 feet
Four dimensional Cartiesion coordinate system
That is, acceleration = dv/dt (v - velocity ; t - time) Or simply acceleration = change in velocity / time
W = A * V .... watts = Amperage * Voltage

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Work stop.JPG

Work stop Vise kurt.JPG

Fixture Ideas:

-Jaw boring fixture, ... CHS MTT small planer jack bases, stud extension risers, Mini digger
-Vee block aligning fixture plates
-Twin bore
- micro adjust
-Countersinking collar for boring bar
-Small parts sawing vise/ fixture
-Modular tool adaptor
-Mounted wheel dresser
-Hardened chuck jaws
-Stationary wheel dresser
-Hand held diamond pedestal grinder
-5C chuck jaws
-Bridgeport knee adaptor
- 6pc puzzle fixture'
- Lg drill shank
- bar puller for CNC lathe