Project Based Geometry

5-24-13 Friday Have a good summer...

5-23-13 Thursday .... Semester Test .... 12:10 to 1:40

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5-22-13 Wednesday
Test kites & end of year comments

5-21-13 Tuesday
Finish building Kites ???

5-20-13 Monday
... build Kites w/ other Geometry

      • Next time at P4 >> ....... Tic Tac Toe Boxes?

Harmonic drive gear reduction system, 3M Product samples, Antifreeze tester

5-16-13 Thursday If you want my help Friday Let Me KNOW......

5-15-13 Wednesday
To P4 make more tags, plasma cut signs, BB tags

5-14-13 Tuesday

5-13-13 Monday

5-10-13 Friday

5-9-13 Thursday

5-8-13 Wednesday ..... To P4 .....
Project: Engrave Student Names on 1" x 2.1" Rounded end tags on Kitamura

5-7-13 Tuesday

5-6-13 Monday

5-3-13 Friday

5-2-13 Thursday

5-1-13 Wednesday

4-30-13 Tuesday

4-29-13 Monday
Finish Friday's assignment

Paul gone ... Friday 4-26-13
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4-25-13 Thursday

4-24-13 Wednesday .... Try to go to P4 .....

4-23-13 Tuesday

4-22-13 Monday .... Happy Earth Day to You ...
H'wrk: Perimeter of Earth etc
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4-18-13 Thursday

4-17-13 Wednesday

4-16-13 Tuesday
Quiz: perimeter & weight of steel rings for Mr. J
H'wrk: Volume of Jack in a Block

4-15-13 Monday Late start snow Ice
.... No PB Geometry .... Starting with 1st Hour classes

4-12-13 Friday We will have school ... Make up day...
............................ go to P4..... Project: Oak Tic Tac Toe boards... & / or .... Butterflies


4-11-13 Thursday

4-10-13 Wednesday
Hwrk Geometry Block in Block Volume.dft

4-9-13 Tuesday

H'wrk: Hwrk Geometry Tic Tac Toe Volume.dft

4-8-13 Monday

H'wrk: Hwrk Geometry 1.5 Dice Volume.dft

4-4-13 Thursday

4-3-13 Wednesday
H'wrk: Hwrk Volume Metal etc.doc

4-2-13 Tuesday Plasma cut Butterfly
H'wrk: H'wrk Volume pool etc.doc

4-1-13 Monday Easter Monday... No school

3-29-13 Good Friday No School Happy Easter....

3-28-13 Thursday
Catch up on missing assignments
Optional assignment for Extra points-[:

3-27-13 TAA Wednesday>>>>> shortened periods in morning
Quiz: Your house shape and size

3-26-13 Tuesday

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>___ Sketch a picture of the outside shape of your homes main floor, estimate the dimensions.

3-25-13 Monday
NCA review team at CHS Tuesday & Wednesday
H'wrk: Perimeter & Area.doc

3-21-13 Thursday

3-20-13 Wednesday
H'wrk: Perimeter combined shapes

3-19-13 Tuesday
H'wrk: Perimeter calculation formulas

3-18-13 Monday No School Blowing Snow Start 4th Quarter

3-14-13 Thursday End of 3rd Qtr

No School BBB state

3-12-13 Tuesday 10:00 start w/ blowing snow

3-11-13 Monday 10:00 start w/ snow on roads etc...
No Geometry Start with 1st period

3-7-13 Thursday Shortened morning schedule for early dismissal for GBB
H'wrk: Combined Oblique 1Due Tuesday

3-6-13 Wednesday

3-5-13 Tuesday

3-4-13 Monday 10:15 start ICE

3-1-13 Friday
To P4: Make Basketball signs for ?????

2-28-13 Thursday SEKT 43AFR-RM
H'wrk: Using right triangles to solve oblique triangles

2-27-13 Wednesday
H'wrk: Using right triangles to solve oblique triangles

2-26-13 Tuesday
Using right triangles to solve oblique triangles

2-25-13 Monday P/T Conferences early out
H'wrk: Volume

Earth diameter 7926.41 Miles
Corn weighs 56 pounds per bushel

2-21-13 Thursday

2-20-13 Wednesday
Leave at 7:30 from bus garage: To Lake Area Tech for Manufacturing Camp
Energy Technology, Energy Operations, Electronic Systems, Precision Machining, Robotics, Surveying/Mechanical CAD, and Welding.

2-19-13 Tuesday 2 hour late start because of wind and snow. No PB Geometry started with 1st hour classes

2-18-13 Monday Happy Dead President's day
Acceptance letter from LATI

2-15-13 Friday
Volume calculations leave at 7:30 from bus garage ....

2-14-13 Thursday
To P4 shop "Pop rivet" Cyclone signs together for Jr Class Prom fundraiser
Interview for Newspaper.

Corn weighs 56 lbs per bushel 1 bushel = 1.25 cubic feet

Water weighs 62.4 Ib/Ft^3 ..... 8.34 lb/gallon ..... 7.5 Gallon/Ft^3

Weight of metal
Wt. per Cu. In.
Cast Iron..........................
Wrought Iron......................
Brass and Bronze...................

2-13-13 Wednesday
H'wrk: Volume calculations
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2-12-13 Tuesday Happy Fat Tuesday
Clear Sphere: 0.999 diameter Cloudy sphere: 0.998 diameter Wooden sphere: 1.512 diameter

Start Volume(s)

2-11-13 Monday No School too much Snow

2-7-13 Thursday

2-6-13 Wednesday to P4 Shop make Valentines Other???
Project: make valentine gifts

2-5-13 Tuesday
H'wrk: Trig type 1, 2, & 3 combined

2-4-13 Monday


Parent Teacher conferences postponed

1-31-13 Thursday No School Cold...

1-30-13 Wednesday
TAA today Shortened class periods ( 24 missing/ late assignments )
Trig type 3
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1-29-13 Tuesday

1-28-13 Monday
Real world hand sketched

1-24-13 Thursday

1-23-13 Wednesday

1-22-13 Tuesday

1-21-13 Monday
Quiz shape ideas for area

1-17-13 Thursday
Quiz Logic 3
Ideas for:
-shape combinations to calculate areas. -trig problems.

1-16-13 Wednesday
Assignments: Submit a Face to possibly add to an assignment &

1-15-13 Tuesday
H'wrk: Trig triangles

1-14-13 Monday
Finish presentations
Review Trig intro ppts
H'wrk: Trig triangles

1-10-13 Thursday
Start presentations


Research & present: due Monday

Brooke Golden Ratio
Mikal Octant
Matt Intercepts
Jordyn Skew
Josh Congruent
Brady Sine
Alexa Bisector
Megan Regular Polygon
Baylee Coordinate Plane
Blaze Corresponding Angle
Cory Vertical Angles
Caleb Vertex
Harry Alternate Exterior Angles
Lauren Kite

Start Spring Semester

1-9-13 Wednesday
New students?

1-8-13 Tuesday
Homework: choose a Geometry term from the list: research, & teach to class

1-7-13 Monday

Semester Test on Topics:
- Slope of a line
- Triangles
- Areas
- Trigonometry
- Calculating Bolt hole circle locations using Trig
- Other

1-4-13 Friday
Bolt hole circle locations

1-3-13 Thursday
Review for Semester Test
Answer questions on missing H'wrks

1-2-13 Wednesday
Review for Semester Test

12-20-12 Thursday

12-19-12 Wednesday

Snowflake, Christmas tree, Hex container, Bell, Dice, other

12-18-12 Tuesday
To P4: prepare for Wed and Thurs w/ guests.

12-17-12 Monday Paul is Scheduled to be at Meeting in Wtn in the morning

H'wrk: Area 4 Triangles

12-13-12 Thursday
Christmas joke, Ten commandments.
H'wrk: Area 4

12-12-12 Wednesday

12-11-12 Tuesday
H'wrk: Calculate Area combined shapes circles, rectangles, triangles:

12-10-12 Monday
H'wrk: Area Calculate 2b_2

12-6-12 Thursday
H'wrk: Area Calculate 2b

12-5-12 Wednesday

H'wrk: Area ID parts_2

12-4-12 Tuesday
Calculating area of combined shapes

12-3-12 Monday
H'wrk: Write formulas for Area of given shapes
11-29-12 Thursday
Jeopardy review_Slope_line_trig.ppt
Do the Trees we cut out yesterday have to do with Geometry????
H'wrk: Khan academy Slope of line

11-28-12 Wednesday
To P4 shop cut Christmas trees

11-27-12 Tuesday
H'wrk: Slope of a line

11-26-12 Monday
H'wrk: Khan academy Identifying slope of a line

11-21-12 Wednesday
H'wrk: Khan academy Do practice questions on "Solving Y intercept" under "Linear Functions"

11-20-12 Tuesday
H'wrk: Slope of lines 2

      • Create Login for Khan Academy ** Designate me as your Coach:

11-19-12 Monday
H'wrk: Slope of lines

11-15-12 Thursday
To P4 to finish containers

11-14-12 Wednesday
Watch: Slope intercept Khan academy
Do exercises: Khan academy

11-13-12 Tuesday
H'wrk: Slope of the Line 1

11-12-12 Monday
Paul gone to Funeral
H'wrk: Bolt circle calculations 4

11-8-12 Thursday
To P4 Mfg: Project: Cup out of Hex, Alum. 2" long

11-7-12 Wednesday
Slope = Change in Y / Change in X
Khan Academy Slope of a line

Slope Intercept

11-6-12 Tuesday
Discuss PLAN test on Math
H'wrk: Bolt circle calculations 3

11-5-12 Monday
PLAN test for Sophmores

11-1-12 Thursday
H'wrk: Trig Polygons OD 2

10-31-12 Wednesday Happy Halloween..

To P4 work on Plasma cut project designs

10-30-12 Tuesday
Jeopardy Review

10-29-12 Monday
Review Bolt circle
H'wrk: Calculate bolt circle hole locations 2

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10-25-12 Thursday Conferences This Evening
Quiz Logic 3
Be thinking of a design for the CNC Plas table
Can we design an easy cheat/ instruction sheet for Pythagorean's theorem and the two types of Trig we are using?
H'wrk: 1st calculate bolt circle locations

10-24-12 Wednesday
Pythagorean's Triples: Positive Integers ie. (3,4,5)

ExamView Triangles & Trig #1 to 5

10-23-12 Tuesday
ExamView Triangles & Trig #10-16

Why boys need parents

10-22-12 Monday
H'wrk: Exam View Triangles & Trig #6-9

10-18-12 Thursday
Paul Gone for Math Common Core training
Watch Khan academy video "

Trig Solve for both unknowns "d"

10-7-12 Wednesday
To P4 shop
Project: Plasma cut a sign for our classroom

10-6-12 Tuesday
H'wrk: Trig Solve for both unknowns "c"

10-5-12 Monday
No Quiz
Review Trig type 1 & 2 and pythagorean's
H'wrk: Solve for both unknown sides using Trig and Pythagorean's

10-11-12 Thursday
Solve for both unknown sides using Trig and Pythagorean's

10-10-12 Wednesday
Happy Birthday Brooke !!!!!!!!!!
H'wrk: Trig type 1 and 2 combined, write formula and solve

10-9-12 Tuesday
Review 2nd type Trig
H'wrk: Trig type 2 find Hyp. write formula ans solve

10-8-12 Monday
Trig 2nd type.ppt
H'wrk: Trig find Hyp. when you know Adjacent and an angle

10-4-12 Thursday
To P4 shop Dan arranged transportation
Let me know if you plan on coming in on Friday for help. 10:00 to 12:00
H'wrk: pythagorean's write formula only

10-3-12 Wednesday
Check your grades online
Cosine, Adjacent, review
H'wrk: Trig find Adjacent side
Pythagorean's simplified

10-2-12 Tuesday

Homework: Trig Adjacent_side formula and solve

10-1-12 Monday

9-27-12 Thursday
Do you want to go over more Defining sides Hypotenuse, Opposite, Adjacent????
Review Pythagorean's

Homework: Applied pythagorean problems

9-26-12 Wednesday
Question: which is easier to determine Adjacent or Opposite?
Assignment: Pythagorean H'wrk 2

9-25-12 Tuesday
Assignment: Pythagorean H'wrk

9-24-12 Monday
Angles, Pythagorean.ppt
Assignment: Triangle side identification: Opposite, Adjacent, Hypotenuse

9-20-12 Thursday
Khan academy video on circles
Jeopardy game for review

9-19-12 Wednesday
review new terms from Khan video
Look at terms list again
practice measuring angles

9-18-12 Tuesday
Watch Khan Academy video on angles & measuring angles in degrees
Do the recommended problems

9-17-12 Monday

9-13-12 Thursday
Practice combining shapes to calculate perimeter and area

9-12-12 Wednesday
Answer questions discuss IMTS

9-11-12 Tuesday
Assignment: Area calculations on combined shapes

9-10-12 Monday
Assignment: Perimeter calculations on combined shapes

9-7-12 Friday
Work on floats 2:00 Parade

9-6-12 Thursday
To P4 to Work on Homecomming sign 2015
Practice calculating area's combining different shapes

9-5-12 Wednesday
Finish Presentations
Measure tennis court
Measure & sketch building

9-4-12 Tuesday
More presentations

9-3-12 Monday
No School Labor Day

8-30-12 Thursday
Work on presentations of vocab term(s)
Do first half of presentations

8-29-12 Wednesday Shortened class period for TAA
Circumference of a circle = 2*R*3.1416
Area of a circle = R*R*3.1416
Assignment: choose a vocab geometry term and present / teach it to the class

8-28-12 Tuesday
Watch Khan academy video on "Perimeter & Area Basics"
Practice questions on perimeter & area

8-27-12 Monday
Look at list of terms and pick the simplest ones to
learn, teach, or describe
Measure & draw our classroom & hall?

8-23-12 Thursday Back to P4 shop to finish dice
Check for tape-measures
Manufacture dice from Acrylic cubes
Return previous day quizzes

8-22-12 Dan D. bringing everyone out to P4 Shop
Tour shop etc.
Machine description.ppt
Start on Acrylic dice
      • Homework Assignment: Bring a tape-measure to use in class Thursday

8-21-12 Welcome PB Geom PPT
Introductions class plan/ description

8-20-12 Monday First Day of school

First week Ideas:

PB Example given

Project Based Geometry

Manufacture 1" square acrylic dice
Measure & draw our classroom height, width, & depth

Make H'wrk for radius and diameter practice.

Measure, draw, and calculate the geometry features of the following shapes of blanks:
- Rectangle
- Circle
- Hexagon
- Radius end rectangle


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Geometry coaster
Sheet metal box with name? cut through the side(s)
wood or metal tic tac toe board
Clock face
Key holder
Candle holder

How would you define "congruent" ?
Congruent means that two objects are the exact same size and the exact same shape. This means that If two objects are congruent, then their angle measurements and side measurements will be exactly the same.
These are only some of the pythagorean triples. There are many more.
Any multiples of these sets are also pythagorean triples.
For example: (6,8,10) is a multiple of (3,4,5). Both are pythagorean triples

Project List:
Acrylic dice
Research and teach term from required list
Measure and Draw:
- Tennis court
- Basketball court
- Classroom walls etc.
- Concessions building
Key tag Cyclones
Hexagon container
Signs for floats
Geometry sign (wall in classroom)
Lid for containers
Christmas plasma project(s): nested christmas tree
Plastic Bottle handle
Jack in cage
Valentine gifts: hearts, Rose in heart, etc.
Cyclone BB signs for JR class
Oak Tic Tac Toe boards X's & O's

Dice on stand
6 pc puzzle

Unit conversions:
mm to inch inches to feet & back feet to miles & back slope roof/ stairs to angle

Competition project? Grade how ?