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Watch Khan academy video on physics .... etc.... move sketch practice to first part... other activities; testing Inclined planes, pendulum swinging, pneumatic systems, area of boat bottom pressure psi,
Elevations: Clark 1800 ft, Black hills 7250 ft, AZ 12600 ft,
Proportionality: hex 0.866 Oct 0.924 metal weight .... Medical numbers .... Calculate the width of a deflection shield, close & distant...area lawn for weed & feed... bolt shear 8_1/2 & 50_3/4 ... angled handrail intersecting offset ... grain augers 8" to 4" speed required .... water hose reduced Activity: time liquid transfer of each hose size... test spring; tension vs wire size...
Compare pressures of two pneumatic cylinders readings w/ same weight and compare calculations.... Torque; pushing on a hinged door/ compression pressure near hinge....

.... Mass x Gravity = weight .... check for asdfasdf

Next time at P4: engrave names? project on plas table...

Electrical systems ..... DC ..... AC .... activity for other class? tension, Torque, electric, balance pt, other

volume of spool wrap ... sample spools>>>>.. Transformer step-down ratios etc....

Have a good Summer....

5-20-14 Tuesday
Semester test 12:05 - 1:35

5-19-14 Monday
Last full day of class: Review covered material .....

5-16-14 Friday
Switch Geometry classes my students report to Ms. Sprouses room.

5-15-14 Thursday
All in Ms. Sprouses room to start building Kites

5-14-14 Wednesday

5-13-14 Tuesday

5-12-14 Monday
Start on Electrical

5-9-14 Friday
.. Start on Voltages >>>
Sine chart: hours of daylight, amount of hunger, restroom need, gasoline in tank

5-8-14 Thursday
Flash card review: Formula, word description, real problem ....

5-7-14 Wednesday
To P4 project on plas table...

5-6-14 Tuesday

5-5-14 Monday

5-2-14 Friday
...... Define materials and cost of various building materials flooring, interior walls, exterior walls, & roof .....

5-1-14 Thursday
... On a piece of paper each individual ...

4-30-14 Wednesday

4-29-14 Tuesday
Edge factor video's

4-28-14 Monday
Torque test student fasteners

4-25-14 Friday
Start Relative motion

4-24-14 Thursday
.... Reverse Pulley systems given weight & number of strands ? strength of rope ?

4-23-14 Wednesday

Twist off fasteners

4-22-14 Tuesday
$ hourly wage, expenses: Rent, Utilities, telephone, car, taxes, other.
Gravitational calculations using ratios / proportions ;Planet data gravitational pull.JPG

4-18-14 Friday No school Good Friday Happy Easter!!

4-17-14 Thursday To P4
Draw and cut metal inserts for boxes

4-16-14 Wednesday
Pulley exercise / test document etc.
Assignment bring one or more small bolts with a hex nut to fit it, We will try to break these...

4-15-14 Tuesday Estimated Income exercise

Practice drawing 3D shapes

4-14-14 Monday No school TIE conference

4-11-14 Friday
To P4 finish up the girls oak boxes

4-10-14 Thursday

4-9-14 Wednesday ...... # of triangles??

4-8-14 Tuesday

4-7-14 Monday
to P4 mount lids on oak boxes

4-3-14 Thursday
Paul gone on music trip to Florida finish previous days h'wrk

4-2-14 Wednesday

4-1-14 Tuesday

3-31-14 Monday

3-27-14 Thursday
at P4: Rout edge of Oak Lids Stain & Poly boxes...

3-26-14 Wednesday
2nd assignment on balanced systems

3-25-14 Tuesday
Introduce balanced system calculations

3-24-14 Monday

3-20-14 Thursday
To P4 .. work on Oak boxes

3-19-14 Wednesday

3-18-14 Tuesday

3-17-24 Monday
Finish calculating the tensile strengths ..... vote on material effort / planning

3-14-14 Friday No School Inservice

3-13-14 Thursday

3-12-14 Wednesday
To P4 work on Oak boxes

3-11-14 Tuesday

3-10-14 Monday
Measure and sketch stampings
Homework: bring item to test tensile strength on by Thursday

3-7-14 Friday Tensile strenght of Steel use 67,000 #/ sq. in.

Test tensle strength of scotch tape & calculate the strength per sq. in

3-6-14 Thursday

3-5-14 Wednesday
Finish previous days hwrk

3-4-14 Tuesday
start First Dr. Math

3-3-14 Monday to P4 work on Boxes / lids

2-27-14 Thursday

2-26 -14 Wednesday
Chart the possible board lengths Practice with a three sided
Hwrk: chart four sided box side length possibilities

2-24& 25-14 Someday

2-24-14 Monday

2-21-14 Friday
To P4 work on wood boxes & lids

2-20-14 Thursday
To P4 Start on Oak Boxes

2-19-14 Wednesday
Help Create assignments for an activity

2-18-14 Tuesday
Measure & sketch assignment

2-17-14 Monday Measure plates or finish nested??

2-14-14 Friday
To P4 .. Hearts on plas table...

2-13-14 Thursday

2-12-14 Wednesday
Finish yesterday's

2-11-14 Tuesday ... Military brass band at CHS ... started class late

2-10-14 Monday

2-7-14 Friday ... Paul gone to Math in-service, Huron ... All Geometry students to Ms. Sprouse's room

2-6-14_Thursday Feb 6th conferences
same Trig used for weights (center of gravity calcs), forces (tension/ compression of cables, beams),

2-5-14 Wednesday Geometry classes switched .... Smarter Balanced testing

2-4-14 Tuesday ..... P4 computer crashed ...
... practice adding small numbers w/o calculator etc.

2-3-14 Monday

1-30-14 Thursday ..... TAA
To P4 to build engrave names? project on plas table...


1-29-14 Wednesday ... Let Paul know if you want help on Friday



1-28-14 Tuesday go through yesterdays homework mistakes

1-27-14 Monday
Back to trigonometry

1-24-14 Friday
To P4 Valentine projects on plas table...

1-23-14 Thursday .... Arc segments_2

1-22-14 Wednesday
Early out ... Snow windy ... No 3rd period

1-21-14 Tuesday

1-20-14 Monday
No School ........ Holiday

1-17-14 Friday
10:00 Start ... Start w/ 1st hour classes

1-16-14 Thursday
No School Snow cold ... windy

1-15-13 Wednesday
PLAN test for Sophmores

1-14-14 Tuesday
to P4 .... Name etc. on plas table...

1-13-14 Monday

1-10-14 Friday .... Teacher inservice.. let me know if you want to come in for help

1-9-14 Thursday

1-8-14 Wednesday

1-7-14 Tuesday

1-6-14 Monday ..... No School Cold...

End of 1st Semester .... Merry Christmas

12-19-13 Thursday Semester Test
12:10 to 1:40 Prepare for a Rigorous exam

12-18-13 Wednesday Paul gone for SDSU visit

12-16-13 Tuesday TAA shortened morning classes

12-15-13 Monday

12-13-13 Friday
To P4: Cut snowmen etc

12-12-13 Thursday
Continue review

12-11-13 Wednesday
Review w/ Jeopardy

12-10-13 Tuesday

12-9-13 Monday
Practice charting Planet data chart.gif

12-6-13 Friday
Charts introduction & practice

12-5-13 Thursday

12-4-13 Wednesday

12-3-13 Tuesday

12-2-13 Monday

11-28-13 thru 11-30-13 Thanksgiving break

11-27-13 Wednesday
to P4 mfg to make snowmen etc.

11-26-13 Tuesday
Start on Volumes

Corn weighs 56 lbs per bushel 1 bushel = 1.25 cubic feet

Water weighs 62.4 Ib/Ft^3 ..... 8.34 lb/gallon ..... 7.5 Gallon/Ft^3

Weight of metal

Wt. per Cu. In.
Cast Iron..........................
Wrought Iron......................
Brass and Bronze...................

11-25-13 Monday
Continue on Law of Cosine " Roof angle calculation. work-piece angle calculation, bolt hole pattern, other"

11-21-13 Thursday
To P4 project on plas table...

11-20-13 Wednesday
Start Law of Cosine .ppt

11-19-13 Tuesday

11-18-13 Monday

11-15-13 Friday
to P4 with other geometry class Thanksgiving turkeys Engrave cyclone tags etc

11-14-13 Thursday

Bring paint for Friday for projects at P4

11-13-13 Wednesday

11-12-13 Tuesday

11-11-13 Monday
No School Veteran's Day

11-8-13 Friday
To P4 make Thanksgiving turkeys, container lid, etc. thanksgiving project on plas table...

11-7-13 Thursday
props: framing squares

11-6-13 Wednesday
Slope of a line review Khan Academy video

11-5-13 Tuesday
To P4 shop
: engrave names? Halloween project on plas table...

11-4-13 Monday

10-31-13 Thursday TAA shortened schedule
Start Type 3 Trig.pptf

Handout: Cosine Instructions Summary
Hwrk: type 3 adjacent, etc

10-30-13 Wednesday
Back to P4 pumpkins, containers, tic tac toe boards .........................

10-29-13 Tuesday
Ms. Sprouse's class to P4.. make & paint Skulls on bone stand & containers / other??

10-28-13 Monday
Real world etc.

10-25-13 Friday Teacher In-service... Campus

10-24-13 Thursday
To P4 make Skull & Bone base

10-23-13 Wednesday

10-22-13 Tuesday Review Angle Elevation & Depression

10-21-13 Monday
Angle of Elevation & Depression.ppt

10-18-13 Friday
To P4 build containers hex

10-17-13 Thursday
Combined Trig Type 1 & 2 pg 1 & 2

10-16-13 Wednesday
Introduce: Trig Type 2 w/ .ppt

10-15-13 Tuesday
Bolt Circle type 1 2nd .....

10-14-13 Monday
To P4 shop: Project: Engrave Cyclone tags & Plas cut Tic Tac Toe pcs

10-10-13 Thursday

10-9-13 Wednesday
How many TTT pcs? Use small tablet paper

10-8-13 Tuesday
Pyth Trig combined & Real world Polygon OD

10-7-13 Monday


10-4-13 Friday
Teacher in-service ....

10-3-13 Thursday
Khan academy Trig Introduction watch video(s) .....
Trig Introduction & type one.ppt ... the new style
Hwrk: ..

10-2-13 Wednesday
Khan academy video on introduction to Trig.... SOH .. CAH .. TOA .. other
Example of trig on bd
Most students gone
Hwrk: Triangle side identification & metric to english length conversion

10-1-13 Tuesday
Hwrk perimeter & area Homes etc.doc ... Pizza problem ...

9-30-13 Monday

9-27-13 Friday ..... Homecoming ..........
Sophmore class at P4 .... parade @ 2:00 .. game

9-26-13 Thursday
Combined Perimeter calculations
.. & Fraction to decimal conversions

9-25-13 Wednesday
..Geometry terms Defined area -> Rhombus ... Perimeter Formulas

9-24-13 Tuesday ... Quiz

9-23-13 Monday
return homework several questions missed on Wednesdays assignment
Hwrk: ..

9-20-13 Friday Teacher Inservice ... . Let Paul know if you want his help on Friday...

9-19-13 Thursday
To P4 Shop ???? Oak Tic Tac Toe Board?? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

9-18-13 Wednesday ..................Picture day

9-17-13 Tuesday

9-16-13 Monday

9-12-13 Thursday
Start Pythagorean's theorem .ppt

9-11-13 Wednesday

Show & tell: Drill-bit & gun tap
Combined shapes area ..

9-10-13 Tuesday

9-9-13 Monday
Show & tell: Round geneva
Combined shapes Area_2

9-6-13 Friday
To P4 Mfg shop .... Finish acrylic dice .... Aluminum Block in a cage >>>>>

9-5-13 Thursday
Combined shapes Area_1

9-4-13 Wednesday ...

Combined shapes ID & write formulas ... watch Khan area circle cookies
design combined shapes .... other
..... .... ... Show & Tell: Geneva drive

9-3-13 Tuesday
Quiz MT
Divide common shapes on board ... .. volunteers
H'wrk: Divide common shapes

9-2-13 Monday No School Labor Day

8-29-13 Thursday No Geometry early out HOT!!!

8-28-13 Wednesday No Geometry early out HOT!!!

8-27-13 Tuesday
To P4 shop first time.... 1" square acrylic dice>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

8-26-13 Monday

discuss: Radius verses Diameter & Feet verses Inches and labelling

Show how to break down combined shapes; Add external features, Subtract internal features

H'wrk: Area of shapes calculations

8-22-13 Thursday
Discuss what PB is etc.

8-21-13 Wednesday

Props: dial caliper, four BPR blocks
Practice drawing views; must be in correct position/ orientation.

8-20-13 Tuesday
Quiz huge $

Sketch table views on board, measure, dimension, & label

create an account in Khan academy assign me as coach " "

H'wrk: Define PB geometry

8-19-13 Monday First Day of school

Introduce yourself and tell something interesting

Shop Project List:
1" acrylic dice
1" aluminum block in cage
Wood Tic Tac Toe Board
Aluminum containers
Engrave Cyclone tags & plas & paint tic tac toe pcs
Plas cut & paint Skulls on Bone stands for Halloween
Plas project
Pop bottle top handle
Plas cut Christmas projects
Valentines projects
Wooden box oak
Shapes out of paper/ cardboard/ metal create shapes ? ? ?

Classroom activities:
Dial calipers BPR blocks
Sketch 3D shapes
Measure and sketch drilled aluminum blocks
measure and sketch stamped plates
Framing square activities
Tape measure selected classroom object
Twist off threaded fasteners / torque test
Tensile strength test: Licorise, zip ties, etc.
Pulley systems: build and test
Infared thermometer
Balance point
Salaries & living expenses estimations
Building materials and costs
Electrical switches w/ OHM meter
Electrical systems with battery packs
Flow of fluid through hoses of various sizes

Show and tell: calipers, micrometers, protractors, combination wrench, gear wrench, switch types, Infrared thermometer, OHM meter, torque wrench, types of wood screws, types of machine screws, re-fractometer, antifreeze tester, automobile fluids; antifreeze, transmission fluid, oil, metal types, wood types, Geneva drive, round Geneva, linear bearing, ball-screw, planetary drive, drill bit types, tap types, hinge types, metal types, wire strippers, crimp connectors, love-joy couplers, steel pipe unions, push-lock fittings,