Machine Tool Technology

Machining project(s)
Machinist blueprints .. ideas ..,,

Marble machines??....
Thursday 5-16-13
At P4 ..... Dan driver for Track .... Congratulations Grads !!!!!

Tuesday 5-14-13
Cut Carpenter's hobby sign

Thursday 5-9-13
Cut retirement plas sign

Tuesday 5-7-13
Reporter from Dakota Fire at P4

Friday 5-3-13

Thursday 5-2-13
Clean lathes

Tuesday 4-30-13 All students at P4

Thursday 4-24-13
Refractometer ....

Tuesday 4-23-13

Roll two rings for Mr. Janisch

Thursday 4-18-13 .... School out at 1:00 because of snow....

Tuesday 4-16-13
Change roll former to rod / pipe dies

Thursday 4-11-13
No School .... Snow Day

Tuesday 4-9-13 No School .... Snow Day

Thursday 4-4-13
Project: Make your Mom or friend a Butterfly...

Tuesday 4-2-13
Finish X's & O's for Tic Tac Toe boards

Thursday 3-28-13
Design and build X's & O's for Tic Tac Toe board

Tuesday 3-26-13 TAA on Wednesday
NCA review team at CHS
Project: Tic tac toe board

Thursday 3-21-13
Start on Tic Tac Toe boards

Tuesday 3-19-13 Start 4th Quarter
Drill Cyclone BB signs

Thursday 3-14-13
No School BBB state tournament

Tuesday 3-12-13
Work on design for new signs for school rooms Green white?

Thursday 3-7-13 No Afternoon Classes; Early out for GBB state tournament

Tuesday 3-5-13 Seniors 1:30 to 3:00 testing at school w/ Candice

Thursday 2-28-13
All students at P4

Tuesday 2-26-13

Thursday 2-21-13
CAD Hex nut with helical cut threads

Tuesday 2-19-13
Cut out & grind FFA medals

Friday 2-15-13
CAD and Plas cutter

Thursday 2-14-13
Finish clutch pullers

Tuesday 2-12-13

Thursday 2-7-13
Fix plasma cutter Cut: Wass's Chevy

Tuesday 2-5-13
Plas cut horse

Thursday 1-31-13 School cancelled Cold....

Tuesday 1-29-13
Project: Shaft snow blower

Thursday 1-24-13
Clean shop for teacher demonstration the following day

Tuesday 1-22-13
CNC plasma cut 1st heart flower

Thursday 1-19-13
1.5 square dice

Tuesday 1-17-13
Round base for dice on stand

Tuesday 1-15-13
Shelves for speakers

Thursday 1-10-13
Work on Senior Project(s)

Tuesday 1-8-13
Semester Test(s) CAD and manufacture one of the following projects:

Thursday 1-3-13
File Not Found
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Tuesday 12-18-12
Design plas projects, pictures for Christmas

Tuesday 12-11-12
Cut scrap skeletons

Thursday 12-6-12
Project: Cylinder pencil holder

Tuesday 12-4-12
Start on Cylinder pencil holders?

Thursday 11-29-12
Cut Christmas trees etc

Tuesday 11-27-12
Paint Church bell Mr. Jenkins gone for new grand daughter

Tuesday 11-20-12
CNC plasma signs ( brake pads on Jordan's car )

Thursday 11-15-12
Work on wire feed welder from Vermillion

Tuesday 11-13-12
Clean shop

Thursday 11-8-12
CNC plasma project design

Tuesday 11-6-12
Mr. Janish hammer handle

Thursday 11-1-12
Work on projects

Tuesday 10-30-12
Get CAD projects done...

Thursday 10-25-12
Design Plasma projects

Tuesday 10-23-12

Thursday 10-18-12
All students at Auto

Tuesday 10-16-12
Replenishable sign(s)

Thursday 10-11 12
Work on Second year projects

Tuesday 10-9-12
Plasma projects

Thursday 10-4-12
Work on projects

Tuesday 10-2-12
Work on Pete's stands

Thursday 9-27-12
Work on Mr. J. project

Tuesday 9-25-12
Design and build on bench mount base for tapping arm

Thursday 9-20-12
All students at P4 Dan gone to get bus

Tuesday 9-18-12
US Manufacturing.ppt
Clean shop area

Thursday 9-13-12
Work on Projects

Tuesday 9-11-12
All students at Auto Paul gone to Chicago IMTS

Friday 9-7-12
Homecoming day
Float building all day??

Thursday 9-6-12
Make Homecoming projects

Tuesday 9-4-12
Work on projects

Thursday 8-30-12
Finalize project plans

Tuesday 8-28-12 Quiz
Submit preliminary design of project(s)

Thursday 8-23-12 Start planning projects

8-21-12 Tuesday First day of class with this group
Machine description review.ppt