Have a good summer....

5-20-11 Friday
12:12 Semester test

5-17-11 Tuesday
Clean shop

5-12-11 Thursday
Work on puddy cat

5-10-11 Tuesday
45 degree block

5-5-11 Thursday
Bucket on Hydraulic car

5-3-11 Tuesday
Work on Hydraulic car parts

4-28-11 Thursday
Finish dovetail tool-holders

4-26-11 Tuesday
Help on loader for hydraulic car

4-21-11 Thursday
Work on belt-sander

4-19-11 Tuesday
Drill & tap holes in dovetail tool-holders

4-14-11 Thursday
Work on plates for double threaded screw

4-12-11 Tuesday
Continue on Dovetail tool holders
Finish up with LATI's laser

4-7-11 Thursday
Start making Dovetail tool holder

4-5-11 Tuesday
Thread comparison plate

3-31-11 Thursday

3-29-11 Tuesday
Small Planer Jack Cap

3-24-11 Thursday
New indexer is here!! mill hex on Small Planer Jack Base

3-22-11 Tuesday
Finish Base for Small Planer Jack

3-17-11 Thursday
Continue on Base for Small planer jack

3-15-11 Tuesday
Radius on base

3-10-11 Thursday
Start on Base for Small planer jack

3-8-11 Tuesday
Screw for Small planer jack

3-3-11 Thursday
Modify and mount "Tree" mill handles

3-1-11 Tuesday
Lathe project steel

2-24-11 Thursday
Work on projects of choice

2-22-11 Tuesday
Cad etc

2-18-11 Friday
Work on "Jack in a Box"

2-17-11 Thursday
Clean shop finish projects

2-15-11 Tuesday
Seniors give presentation
1st yr cross in cage & other projects

2-10-11 Thursday
1st yr drafting w/ Mr. Jenkins
Seniors get ready for your presentation

2-8-11 Tuesday
Make other project : Small planer jack screw or 45 degree angle block

2-3-11 Thursday
Work on finishing projects: Small planer jack screw or 45 degree angle block

2-1-11 Tuesday
No School Snow

1-27-11 Thursday
Finish projects & work on projects of your choice

start on next projects: screw for planer jack or angle block or acrylic dice

1-25-11 Tuesday
3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 7/8, 1-3/16

Project: Finish pillars for Mr. Jenkins puzzle & do Ring for puzzle

1-20-11 Thursday
Project: Finish pillars for Mr. Jenkins puzzle & do Ring for puzzle

1-18-11 Tuesday
Project: pillar for Mr. Jenkins puzzle

1-13-11 Thursday
Finish up projects..

1-11-11 Tuesday
Semester Test: Written Exam & at least one Machined project(s)

1-6-11 Thursday
Turn & thread double threaded puzzle

1-4-11 Tuesday
Touch up Mr. Jenkins project parts

12-23-10 Christmas break

12-21-10 Tuesday
Round base for Mr. Jenkins project

12-16-10 Thursday
Double threaded puzzle 1st operation

12-14-10 Tuesday
Start on Double threaded puzzle work on Mr. Jenkins project

12-9-10 Thursday
No School Water break in Clark

12-7-10 Tuesday
Finish aluminum plates and work on plastic pc for quill stop

12-2-10 Thursday
Manufacture plates for puzzle

11-30-10 Tuesday
Paul & Dan to Sioux Falls for department of Ed training
Project: First piece of Mr. Jenkins puzzle

11-25-10 Thursday
No School Thanksgiving

11-23-10 Tuesday
Project: Metric threads on Thread comparison plate

11-18-10 Thursday
Project: Personal projects

11-16-10 Tuesday
Quiz Lathe or Mill
Project: 2nd piece of quill stop

11-11-10 Thursday
Project: 1st piece of quill stop

11-9-10 Tuesday
Project: 2nd piece Mr. Jenkins

11-4-10 Thursday
Project: 1st piece of Mr. Jenkins

11-2-10 Tuesday
Project: Work on the first piece for Mr. Jenkins project Dice on a base

10-28-10 Thursday
Project: Start on the first piece for Mr. Jenkins project Dice on a base

10-26-10 Tuesday
Project: Finish your customized Deburring tool handle

10-25-10 Monday
All students at Auto... Paul at meeting in Chamberlin

Quarter ends 10-21-10
10-21-10 Thursday
Dan & I go to Dept. Ed training Mitchell....Students go to LATI to 1st choice in afternoon.

10-19-10 Tuesday

Project: Deburring tool handle

10-14-10 Thursday
Project: Work on what you want to.

10-12- 10 Tuesday
Mill, Drill, & tap SAE thread comparison plate

10-7-10 Thursday
Project: Assemble Double threaded screw & plates

10-5-10 Tuesday

Project: Hexagon outside pop bottle opener Note: Thickness is, 0.550, more then a 1/2 inch

9-30-10 Thursday
Project: Some students need to get knurled & Hex done on 3/4" screw Next: Finish-turn & thread double threaded bolt

9-28-10 Tuesday
Review Threading on a lathe.ppt
Project: Turn, Face to length, Knurl and mill hex on "Screw Knurled with hex"

9-23-10 Thursday
Review Engine Lathe.ppt
Threading on a lathe.ppt
Project: Turn & thread "Screw Knurled with hex"

9-21-10 Tuesday
Introduction to Engine Lathe.ppt
Project: Rough turn "Double threaded bolt"

9-16-10 Thursday
Project: Finish other projects & Grind Lathe Toolbit

9-13 & 14 All students with Dan

9-9-10 Thursday
Project: Pair of dice Aluminum or Acrylic

9-7-10 Tuesday
Project: Block in cage

9-2-10 Thursday All students at P4
Multiple students made the pate(s) wrong
Review: Drilling & tapping
Project: Finish the 2 Clamp plates Machine to size

8-31-10 Tuesday
Review: Drilling & tapping
Project: 2 Clamp plates Machine to size,

8-26-10 Thursday
Review Drill bits, taps, & tapping

Project: Tool-bit tray

8-24-10 Tuesday
Quiz Measuring Tool
Layout procedures.ppt
Drill & tapping.ppt

Project: Layout & Tap holes in milled blocks

8-20-10 Friday

Quiz Machine Name
Measuring tools.ppt
Machine description review.ppt

Project: Finish fly-cutting blocks to size

8-18-10 Wed.
Machine Description.ppt
File Not Found
File Not Found

Milling Machine.ppt

Project: Flycut steel blocks to size

8-17-10 Short day with afternoon bullying presentation
All Students at P4 Dan gone
Welcome MTT.ppt
2nd year students run machines and show new guys.

Planned project list:
  1. Mill Block to size
  2. Sharpen Fly-cutter tool bit
  3. Layout, Drill, & tap milled block
  4. Dice
  5. Tool-bit holder
  6. Block in Cage
  7. Bottle opening tool
  8. Acrylic or Aluminum dice
  9. Grind Lathe Tool bit
  10. Dice on a base (Paper weight)
  11. Rough turn double threaded shaft
  12. Double threaded plates
  13. 6 piece (Triangular) puzzle
  14. Main Body, Do-Nothing machine
  15. Grind Threading tool-bit
  16. Self-locking bolt
  17. 8 Piece Puzzle
    1. Base
    2. Pillar
    3. Blocks
    4. Spheres
  18. Thread & knurl double threaded shaft
  19. Jack in a Box
  20. Dogs, Do-Nothing machine
  21. Knobs, Do-Nothing machine
  22. Met-lish puzzle
  23. Turned & threaded bolt hex head
  24. Leveling pads for lathes
  25. Deburring tool handle
  26. Tapped thread comparison plate (SAE)
  27. Key Fob (brass)
  28. Micrometer spindle
  29. Tapped thread comparison plate (Metric)
  30. Micrometer sleeve
  31. Dice in a cage
  32. Dovetail tool-holder
  33. Quill-stop
  34. Trebuchet