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Next: Plate bushing spring pin, Tic tac toe board, modular tee plate, dice Base, Small planer jack base? assembly variety.
crown, sphere, another dice?

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............................ Have a good summer...

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5-15-14 Thursday

5-14-14 Wednesday

5-13-14 Tuesday
Draft the plas project

5-12-14 Monday
Mill hexagon and thread the screw

5-9-14 Friday
Turn the screw for the small planer jack

5-8-14 Thursday
Counterbore the holes in the modular tee plate

5-7-14 Wednesday
Finish the small planer jack screw

5-6-14 Tuesday
Work on previous days project

5-5-14 Monday

4-17-14 Thursday

4-16-14 Wednesday
Metlish puzzle plate

4-15-14 Tuesday
Metlish puzzle holes

4-14-14 Monday No School TIE teacher inservice SF

4-10-14 Thursday
Metlish puzzle plate

4-9-14 Wednesday All students at Auto Paul gone to meeting

4-8-14 Tuesday
Mount lids on boxes

4-7-14 Monday
Plas cut inserts for box lids

4-4-14 Friday No School

4-3-14 Thursday Paul Gone to Music trip
4-2-14 Wednesday Paul Gone to Music trip
4-1-14 Tuesday Paul Gone to Music trip
3-31-14 Monday Paul Gone to Music trip

3-27-14 a;lskjf;

3-18-14 Tuesday

3-17-14 Monday
Stain Oak boxes & plywood lid inserts

3-14-14 Friday .... Teacher In-service

3-13-14 Thursday
All students at P4 Sand lid frames for oak boxes

3-12-14 Wednesday
Design the plasma insert for boxes

3-11-14 Tuesday
Router out extra oak from lid frames

3-10-14 Monday
Work on Oak box lids

3-7-14 Friday
All students at auto

3-6-14 Thursday
Start on Oak lids for boxes

3-5-14 Wednesday
work on Oak boxes drafting and building

3-4-14 Tuesday
Start on Oak boxes

3-3-14 Monday
Start on Oak boxes

2-27-14 Thursday Wrestling pep rally to 1:15

2-26-14 wednesday 1:00 Assembly

2-25-14 Tuesday

2-24-14 Monday

2-21-14 Friday
All students at Auto

2-20-14 Thursday
7/8 screw knurling & hex

2-19-14 Wednesday
7/8 screw knurling & hex

2-18-14 Tureday
All students at P4
7/8 screw threading

2-17-14 Monday
7/8 screw threading

2-15-14 Friday
All students at Auto

2-14-14 Thursday
Finish Jenkins puzzle

2-13-14 Wednesday
Large screw 7/8 thread

2-12-14 Tuesday
Finish up Puzzle parts & assembly

2-10-14 Monday
Finish up Puzzle parts & assembly

2-7-14 Friday Paul gone to Math Inservice Huron ... all students to Auto

2-6-14 Thursday ...... Early out conferences
Jenkins puzzle parts

2-5-14 Wednesday
Jenkins puzzle parts

2-4-14 Tuesday

2-3-14 Monday

1-30-14 Thursday

1-29-14 Wednesday
Puzzle Pillar

1-28-14 Tuesday
Puzzle base upper class

1-27-14 Monday
Puzzle base

1-24-14 Friday
Puzzle base or Puzzle Pillar .

1-23-14 Thursday
Finish diamond holder or start on Base for Jenkins puzzle

1-22-14 Wednesday
Early out ... No afternoon classes

1-21-14 Tuesday
diamond holder

1-20-14 Monday
No School .... Holiday

1-17-14 Friday

1-16-14 Thursday
No School cold .... Windy .... snowing

1-15-14 Wednesday
Jenkins puzzle pillar 1.5 sq. x 3.5 long

1-14-14 Tuesday
Cut Chasity's sign

1-13-14 Monday
Continue on diamond wheel dresser holder

1-10-14 Friday No school .... Teacher in-service .... Let Mr. Streff know if you want to come in for help

1-9-14 Thursday
Wheel dresser holder

1-8-14 Wednesday

1-7-14 Tuesday 10:00 start ... Cold??
Project: plates for ball spring lock pin

1-6-14 Monday No School ..... Cold

End of First Semester >>> Merry Christmas

12-19-13 Friday
Semester test in Morning

12-18-13 Thursday
No class Semester tests for first four periods

12-17-13 Wednesday
Cut Lucas' project

12-16-13 Tuesday
Work on CAD designs

12-15-13 Monday
Start on semester final project

12-13-13 Friday

12-12-13 Thursday

12-10-13 Tuesday
1st hour CDL Plas cut Helkenn sign, No Fear, etc.

12-9-13 Monday
1st hour CDL machine slot in bleacher mount

12-6-13 Friday
1st hour CDL work on heavy wall tubing for Bleacher hand rail

12-5-13 Thursday
1st hour CDL work on designing another CNC project

12-4-13 Wednesday
No Afternoon classes Early out SNOW....

12-3-13 Tuesday
1st hour CDL work on designing another CNC project

12-2-13 Monday
1st hour CDL cut & bend thicker base plate for bleacher hand rail

11-26-13 Tuesday

11-25-13 Monday
1st hour CDL cut Duck sign & back

11-21-13 Thursday
1st hour at CDL

11-20-13 Wednesday
1st hour at CDL Bend handrail

11-19-13 Tuesday
1st hour at CDL Cut new handrail base

11-18-13 Monday
1st hour at CDL Work on plas projects

11-15-13 Friday
All students at Auto to help Dan

11-14-13 Thursday
Finish CAD on duck siloute, tool, & cut

11-13-13 Wednesday
Base for Dice on stand Use counter-sink form tool and turn a taper on a lathe using the compound rest at angle

11-12-13 Tuesday
Plasma and CAD .. leave P4 early for Veteran's Day program

11-11-13 Monday
No School Veteran's Day

11-8-13 Friday
Plas projects: Live Laugh Love heart Rose, Remington etc.

11-7-13 Thursday
Work on pickup design for plas table

11-6-13 Wednesday
Start on Hand rails for bleachers mount prototype

11-5-13 Tuesday
Work on Thanksgiving projects

11-4-13 Monday
Project: cut Ryder's sign Volleyball carts

10-31-13 Thursday
Project: Plas project design

10-30-13 Wednesday
Work on Go Cart Battery etc

10-29-13 Tuesday
CNC plas projects, pumpkins, Chevrolet etc.

10-28-13 Monday
CNC plas projects, pumpkins, Chevrolet etc.

10-24-13 Thursday
Finish Swinging arm, draw it, other???

10-23-13 Wednesday

10-22-13 Tuesday
CNC plas projects Halloween, chevrolet etc.

10-21-13 Monday
Finish Swinging arm, draw it, mount stainless steel shelf on kitchens cart

10-18-13 Friday
CAD & plas projects Other personal projects on machines

10-17-13 Thursday

10-16-13 Wednesday
Project: CAD & plas project

10-15-13 Tuesday
Project: CAD & plas

10-14-13 Monday
Project: Quill Stop Main Body & finish tic tac toe pcs

10-10-13 Thursday
CAD & clean

10-9-13 Wednesday
work on Kitamura VMC to get X axis homing correctly

10-8-13 Tuesday
Bottle cap handle

10-7-13 Monday
Indexer project # 2 & first Boring project

10-4-13 Friday .. Teacher In-service .... Let Paul know if you plan to come in for help

10-3-13 Thursday
Project: Turn, Knurl, & Face to length on lathe
Mill Hexagon head on milling machine

10-2-13 Wednesday
CAD and put sheets of steel away ... work on SST cart for kitchen

10-1-13 Tuesday .... Juniors & Seniors gone to career day in Wtn ....

9-30-13 Monday
Project: Turn, Knurl, & Face to length on lathe
Mill Hexagon head on milling machine

9-27-13 Friday ... Homecoming ....

9-26-13 Thursday
Project: Lathe work on 3/4" knurled & Hex head bolt

9-25-13 Wednesday
Project: Lathe work on 3/4" knurled & Hex bolt

9-24-13 Tuesday
Project: Dice 1.5 square.pdf ... Aluminum

9-23-13 Monday

9-19-13 Thursday
Tic Tac Toe board ......

9-18-13 Wednesday
CAD draw Tic Tac Toe board ......

9-17-13 Tuesday
Paul Gone

9-16-13 Monday
CAD: Draw modular fixture plate in Solid Works
Project: Deburring tool handle alum. your design on outside

9-12-13 Thursday
CAD: Draw modular fixture plate in Solid Works
Project: Deburring tool handle alum. your design on outside

9-11-13 Wednesday
Draw modular fixture plate
Project: Finish plates

9-10-13 Tuesday
4 x 5 Modular fixture plates

9-9-13 Monday

9-5-13 Friday

Finish Tool-bit trays

9-4-13 Wednesday & 9-5-13 Thursday

Project: Tool-bit tray ....

9-3-13 Tuesday
First Lathe project : rough turn double screw

9-2-13 Monday .... No School Labor day

8-29-13 Thursday

8-28-13 Wednesday Start class at 8:25 Back to school by 11:10
Finish Acrylic Dice

8-27-13 Tuesday No MTT school out early for HOT!!!

8-26-13 Monday No MTT school out early for HOT!!!

8-22-13 Thursday
Finish Block in cage practice running engine lathes

8-21-13 Wednesday
Block in cage

8-20-13 Tuesday
First day at P4 for the year

Welcome Fall MTT.ppt
Machines descriptions.ppt

Project: Start on Block in cage