Machine Tool Technology

Have a good Summer ....

5-24-13 Friday
Semester test project: Pencil holder, jack in a cube, small planer jack base, other?

5-22-13 Wednesday
Start on Semester tests

5-20-13 Monday
Clean Plas table and under it .....

5-15-13 Wednesday
.......... Clean the shop

5-13-13 Monday
Work on CNC plasma projects, Drill Kane's adapter sleeve

5-9-13 Thursday
All students at P4 for reporter

5-8-13 Wednesday
All students at Auto ...

5-6-13 Monday
Small planer Jack

5-1-13 Wednesday
Small planer Jack base .... Radius generating tool on lathe

4-30-13 Tuesday
All students at P4 Dan gone

4-29-13 Monday

4-24-13 Wednesday
Design and cut Personal signs Baylee other

4-22-13 Monday ........ Happy Earth Day to you... Mid term Wed. ... Get projects Done and turned in .....

4-17-13 Wednesday

4-15-13 Monday
work on jack screw

4-12-13 Friday
1st yr at Auto

4-10-13 Wednesday
Continue on Planer jack screw

4-8-13 Monday
Project: Lathe Start on screw for small planer jack .. Head dia 0.85

4-5-13 Friday Make up day... wear your favorite Make-up
Project: Plasma table cut ..... Butterfly................ for your Mom or friend

4-3-13 Wednesday
X's & O's designed & made
Work on Light on pole for Prom

4-1-13 Monday No School.......Easter Monday

3-29-13 Friday
No School.......... Good Friday

3-27-13 Wednesday TAA day

3-25-13 Monday
Jack in a cube mill 0.4 deep, Clean shop....

3-20-13 Wednesday
Drill cyclone signs

3-18-13 Monday Start 4th Quarter
No School Blowing Snow

3-12-13 Wednesday
Discuss Coaster design(s)

3-11-13 Monday
Finish Jenkins puzzles

3-6-13 Wednesday
Project: Assemble Jenkins puzzle

3-4-13 Monday

Spheres one pair: Black, Green, red other

3-1-13 Friday Snow makeup day

2-28-13 Thursday

All students at P4

2-27-13 Wednesday

Puzzle: Ring must go over Pillar and through pillar slot, Balls can Not go through slot of Pillar, Blocks Not go through Ring

2-25-13 Monday
Early out conferences....

2-20-13 Wednesday
To LATI for MAN camp, Energy, Drafting, Welding, Machine Tool

2-18-13 Monday
No school Snow

2-13-13 Wednesday
Plas cut basketball signs

2-11-13 Monday No School Too much snow

2-6-13 Wednesday
All students to LATI Transportation day

2-4-13 Monday
Rings for Puzzle 2-1/2" Pipe 5/8" long

1-30-13 Wednesday
Contour cutters

1-28-13 Monday
Finish Puzzle Base

1-23-13 Wednesday

1-21-13 Monday
Project: Jenkin's puzzle Pillar
Old Print Ring Diameters Wrong

1-16-13 Wednesday
Dice on stand Round base

1-14-13 Monday
Dice on stand

1-9-13 Wednesday
1.5 square Dice for dice on stand print below

1-7-13 Monday
Finish Semester Test(s)

1-4-13 Friday
Project: Semester test project Choose one either Engine Lathe project or Manual milling machine project:
File Not Found
File Not Found

1-2-12 Wednesday
Project: Dice on Stand Die

12-19-12 Wednesday
Project: Covers for Hexagon container

12-17-12 Monday
Project: Clean the Shop...

12-12-12 Wednesday
Project: Draw 1.5 square dice in SW work on Plas cut signs

12-10-12 Monday
Project: Finish Deburring handle

12-5-12 Wednesday
Project: Finish Deburring handle

12-3-12 Monday
Project: Deburring handle

11-28-12 Wednesday
Project: Pop bottle opener

11-26-12 Monday
Project: Assemble Quill stop

11-21-12 Wednesday
Project: Quill stop swinging arm

11-19-12 Monday
Project: Wood project on lathe

11-14-12 Wednesday
Project: Quill stop main body

11-12-12 Monday Veteran's day
Early out
Project: Aluminum Hex container

11-7-12 Wednesday
Project: Turn Wood projects on lathes

11-5-12 Monday
Project: Metric threaded holes in thread comparison plate

10-31-12 Wednesday
Finish threading double thread bolt and Assemble into plates

10-29-12 Monday
Lathe project
Project: Single point Thread both external thread on Clamp Screw

10-24-12 Wednesday
Finish thread comparison plate SAE

10-22-12 Monday
Project: Thread comparison plate SAE

10-17-12 Wednesday
Project: Plas cut geometry sign

10-15-12 Monday
Project: Machine head of screw, Knurl and mill hexagon

10-10-12 Wednesday
Threading demonstration
Project: Thread the bolt single pointing

10-8-12 Monday
Rough turn bolt
Project: 3/4"-10 bolt w/ knurled and hex head

10-3-12 Wednesday
Practice turning & knurling
Knurling ppt

10-1-12 Monday
Drilling tapping review
Finish Aluminum Clamp plates

9-26-12 Wednesday
Drilling tapping review
Work on Aluminum Clamp plates

9-24-12 Monday
Precision layout review.ppt
Drilling tapping ppt
Project: Clamp plates Aluminum

9-20-12 Thursday
All students at P4 Dan going to get bus

9-19-12 Wednesday
Precision layout.ppt
Drill bits.ppt
Project: Drill & tap plate

9-17-12 Monday
Lathe introduction.ppt
Project: Finish Clamp screw roughed on lathe.

9-12-12 Wednesday
Start on Clamp screw roughed on lathe.

9-10-12 Monday
All students at Auto Paul gone to Chicago IMTS

9-7-12 Friday
Homecoming Day
Float building all day??

9-5-12 Wednesday
Work on Homecoming projects

9-3-12 Monday
No School Labor Day

8-29-12 Wednesday Quiz
Lathe introduction.ppt

8-27-12 Monday Quiz
machine description review.ppt
Project: Finish Dice in cube start running lathes

8-22-12 Wednesday Machine description.ppt
dial caliper_2.ppt
Start on 1" square aluminum Dice in cube

8-20-12 Monday First day of school